FLV player skins
Using skins in FLV Player

Skin: "Winamp Style"
3.6 (253 votes)
Skin: "Windows light Style"
4 (182 votes)
Skin: "Real Style"
3.7 (77 votes)
Skin: "Air"
4 (193 votes)
Skin: "Adobe Style"
3.9 (85 votes)
Skin: "Windows Style"
4 (129 votes)
Skin: "Vista Style"
3.9 (82 votes)
Skin: "iPhone Style"
3.5 (90 votes)
Skin: "Apple Style"
3.4 (94 votes)
The player provided with 9 pre-built skins: "Adobe Style", "Air", "Winamp","Windows light Style", "Real Style", "Windows Style", "iPhone Style", "Vista Style" and "Apple Style".
flv player skin winamp

flv player skin windows light

flv player skin real

flv player skin air

flv player skin adobe

video player skin windows

video player skin vista

video player skin iphone

flv player skin mac

Select a pre-built skin in the tab "Player" => "Control Bar" => "Control Bar Skin"

skin select

All skin images will be inserted in the folder "skin".


You can replace all skin images with your own. Each skin is made of several PNG images located in 3 different folders: "skin\buttons", "skin\seek", "skin\timer".